Sexy High Heels by Alexis

A girl's sexy high heels clicking on wet pavement can't fail to turn heads.  The shiny leather just looks sexy.  High heels hold the foot in a beautifully elevated arch, transform a plain Jane into a glamorous model, firming, slimming,  accentuating her sexy curves and legs, project the buttocks outward, push the chest forward and upward.  These traits
greatly enhance the
sex appeal of the
any woman who
dares to wear
sexy high

Is it any wonder
why so many
women have
a shoe fetish?


My Sexy High Heeled Shoes
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Sexy high heels?
Manolo Blahnik makes
the sexiest high heels!
I love my red Manolo
Blahnik leather pumps.  They turn dark red at the slightest
hint of moisture.  The heels so delicate, the leather so supple.  Perfect for abuse.  Sexy dainty high heels and the defilement of them.  Well worn shoes are so sexy.  High heeled boots and shoes are so sexy.  It's often hard to choose.  Which high heels should I wear for a walk in the pouring rain Manolo Blahnik pumps?  Or perhaps Dolce & Gabbana boots.
Either way, it will
always be a sexy
pair of high

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Abuse my sexy high heels.